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Quality Control

My life has had a lot of upheaval recently.  Not all of it has been bad, and some of it has even been very positive, but upheaval is still upheaval.  And it can take up a tremendous amount of time and energy.  Added to that was a shoulder/arm injury I sustained, purely due to my CFS-weakened muscles, which refused to heal, and several weeks passed without me able to do any more than a few minutes of photo editing per day.  And considering I will often spend 20-30+ hours working on a single photo, this was far, far below par.

I always feel a self-imposed pressure to produce work regularly.  In an ideal world, I would turn out at least one amazing, perfect piece each week.  But, of course, life is not ideal, and the past few months have been even less ideal than normal.

I found myself getting very upset over last weekend that I didn’t have a new, completed to post this week.  I had finished a few photos, but they felt a little off to me, and were not my best work.  And I debated for a while whether I should post the photos I didn’t like as much, just for the sake of posting something, or whether I should hold out for photos I love.

Geoff is very wise about these kind of issues, so I talked to him about it.  He advised me to edit myself more, and not ever post anything that I didn’t love.  And as soon as he said it, I knew he was right.  I shouldn’t be making myself put work out that I feel is substandard, just because I have this idea that I “have to” post something every week.  That’s silly.

So it’s possible you may be seeing slightly fewer photos from me in the future, but, hopefully, the ones I do post will be even better.  Editing is important, both within the photo, and with what I decide to share with the rest of the world 🙂


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