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Breaking Photos

It is difficult for me to find words to fully express how I feel about something I love and am deeply passionate about.  It’s not that I don’t know what I want to say about them, there are just so many things I want to say, it’s difficult to filter it down into something readable.

AMC’s acclaimed show Breaking Bad is one such obsession.  Somehow I missed out on it when it started a few years ago, and while I knew that Geoff watched and enjoyed it, I didn’t think to pursue that matter.  A little before last Labor Day I started hearing more talk about the show and it intrigued me.  When I saw it was streaming on Netflix, it was only a matter of finding out if Geoff wanted to rewatch it with me or not.  He did, so over Labor Day weekend, when we had the unusual luck of a couple days off at the same time, we watched nearly the whole first season, and I have been greedily devouring it ever since.  At this point I have just the first half of the fifth and final season to catch up on before I am ready for it to come back on live again and see the end of this breathtaking saga.

It’s also hard for me to express exactly what I like so much about the show, but I suppose it really comes down to the characters.  The real, raw, fully-formed beings who I can believe could actually exist in the real world (although I am glad some of them don’t).  Certainly some of the character are more inherently likable than others, and I would, in fact, say that all of the characters have things you dislike about them.  It makes them human.  But at the same time, perhaps because they are so human, I become hopelessly entangled in their stories, and I root for them.  I want them to succeed and be happy.

It doesn’t hurt that the show it just beautifully shot in every way.  From the gorgeous time-lapse shots, the meticulous attention to light, shadow, color, composition, wardrobe, set… every detail is important and thoughtful.  It is a show with its own, distinct style, and I suppose that’s part of why I felt compelled to create a self portrait as a nod to the show.

My photos are always a reflection of me and my passions.  And thought I use TV shows less frequently as jumping-off points for photos, when they move me deeply enough, they can be powerful motivators.  Drawing from the colors, compositions, lighting and certain key elements of the show, I created the following self portrait as a humble homage to the show I have enjoyed so deeply.

Lastly, I will say that I can’t look at this photo without hearing the intro to the show play in my head.

All Hail The Queen

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