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***UPDATE***  The links should be working again.  Ebay, for reasons known only to them, decided to shut the entire auction down as it was in full swing, with no notice or reason being given at any time.  After, of course, giving their blessing to hosting the whole thing in the first place.   If you feel compelled to write them and state your displeasure, I would not discourage you.  But the main thing is that Robin’s Relief is back online!  Let’s drum her up some help!!***

I find myself with a cold today, so this won’t be a long post.  But this subject is important to me and I want to make sure it gets mentioned here.

I am participating in the Robin’s Relief Fund, an auction set up to raise money for the gargantuan medical bills of Robin Sullins, mother to one of the artists at Duirwaigh Studios.  You probably know their work, even if you don’t know their name.  They produce (among other things) some of the most beautiful greeting cards I’ve ever seen; I always end up buying more than I need and squirreling them away for special occasions – although they are so lovely, sometimes I’m compelled to buy two of a design, one to give to someone and one to keep for myself.

Anyway, back to Robin.   You can read the full story about her accident here; on Christmas day, Robin was accidentally bit by one of her family’s dogs which triggered an incredibly rare infection in her body.  The infection was so uncommon and vicious, it spread rapidly through her body, tearing cells apart and causing endless destruction.   Her doctors believe the spread to now be stopped, but it was stopped by the heavy cost of amputating both her legs from the knees down, and all her fingers.

To make things even worse, Robin was without medical insurance when the accident happened.  She is now saddled with a mountain of medical bills, along with the cost of prosthetic legs and hands.  The people at Duirwaigh put a call out to other artists to donate work that could be auctioned to help cover these costs, and the response is inspiring.  Some really huge names in the fantasy art world offered up their works.  And while I am not a huge name, I wanted to help, so I donated one of my prints too.

All art has been set at a fraction of its normal cost to encourage more bidding, so it’s a chance to get something you might not otherwise be able to afford, and help a family who REALLY needs it at the same time.   I’m linking to my print, but please, take a look at the whole auction.  If you see something you love, please consider placing a bid.  You can also donate directly to special fund they set up, if you would like.

I can’t imagine what this family is going through, but I know that our combined efforts can make a huge difference for them as they struggle with their loss.  Thank you to everyone who helps in any way!

The print I'm donating; The Weakest Particle Of All

The print I’m donating; The Weakest Particle Of All

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“Great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, or half their greatness goes unnoticed. It is all part of the fairy tale.”

-Peter S. Beagle in The Last Unicorn.

I have recently become fascinated with the character of Richard Harrow in HBO’s acclaimed drama Boardwalk Empire.  Richard, the World War One sniper who survived the war, but lost half his face in the process.

Still from the show.

Richard: equal parts ruthless killing machine, kind soul, tender and careful with those he loves, and loyal to the bitter end.

Still from the show.

His facial disfigurement leads him to constantly wear a tin mask over the left side of his face, a wound which pushes him to the fringes of society.  Small children become horrified and scream when he unwittingly allows them to see him maskless.  Society brands him a monster and few will engage with him in any meaningful way.

To the people who befriend him in spite of the society which dictates he should be ignored, he is fiercely devoted.  Killing bad men to keep them safe?  No problem.  Richard is, after all, a highly trained and exceptional marksman, especially considering he’s only working with one eye.

Still from the show.

But despite his ability for brutality, he is gentle and kind.  He keeps a secret scrapbook of his dreams… having a little family, falling in love and having a quiet, happy life.

Despite our very dissimilar backgrounds, I started identifying with his character early on.  He feels he is an outsider, I often do too.  He is shy and reluctant to speak, I am too (blogs are another beast altogether and really don’t count as speaking).  We both have inner demons to battle.  While I have had no training with any kind of serious weaponry, I would protect my friends and family to my last breath.  And of course we both contend with wounded bodies.  His hurts are larger and much more obvious than mine, but it’s close enough for me to bond with him over, and also inspire myself with in times when I’m tired of dragging my uncooperative body along through yet another day.

Still from the show.

Through the past three seasons of Boardwalk Empire, Richard has come more and more into my focus.   I found myself hoping for more and more Richard scenes each episode.  And while the show is too rich, detailed and engaging to ever become solely “The Richard Show” to me, it veers that way often.

And after last season’s heart-in-your-throat-the-entire-time finale?  Oh my god.  I will refrain from saying anything in detail so I don’t spoil it for anyone who isn’t there yet… but OH MY GOD.   WHAT RICHARD DOES.  I already loved him but now he has shifted into my permanent mental file of characters to draw upon in times of trial and peril.   Characters who inspire me to keep on when I want to give up, with their purity, love, devotion, strength, tenacity and selflessness.

For anyone who has already seen it, this is what I’m referring to.

Richard has obviously had a huge impact on me.  And as usually happens with things which have a big impact on me, I wanted to turn it into a photo.  I crafted a bandage to cover my left eye, with symbolic blood droplets on it (as a side note, I am nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other, and having the bandage covering just one eye for the 20-30 minutes it took to shoot this was AWFUL  for my head.  I finally stopped because I knew a migraine was just around the corner if I didn’t.)  My very generous brother lent me his (sharp!) dagger and I posed in front of the dollhouse my dad built for me when I was about five.  That seemed like the perfect symbol of innocence, as well as being personally meaningful to me.



This is my tribute to Richard; his strength, loyalty, fierceness and protection of innocence.  And hey, Jack Huston, if you somehow came across this, have your publicist contact me!  🙂

Protection Of Innocence

Protection Of Innocence

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