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I am an internationally-published fine art photographer and self-portrait artist. I specialize in uncommon, conceptual imagery. Each image is a piece of visual poetry, and an entire world unto itself. My photos offer the viewer a portal to this other world; an ethereal, dream-filled realm where the impossible becomes possible. Actress/fine art model and frequent collaborator Katie Johnson had this to say about my work: "Sarah Allegra is a photo journalist of fantasy. She and her camera have imbedded deeply within the "Dream World" of her own imagination. The images with which she returns capture a more subtle and human side of traditionally archetypical characters: princesses, wizards, witches, and even unicorns trapped in girl bodies. To Sarah Allegra, these are not metaphoric creatures meant merely for emotional projection. They are unique individuals who's portrait she means to paint. Thus she creates a striking duality of surrealism and intimacy. Just as Lewis, Tolkien, and Beagle create literal otherworldly characters which become beloved friends and companions, so does Sarah Allegra with her imagery. " Thank you, Katie :)

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