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I had originally planned on saying a little bit more in this post, but over the last couple days I’ve come down with a Serious Mega Cold with accompanying Ear Infection From Hell.  Having my reading/computer glass rest gently on top of my ear is quite painful right now, so I’ll be brief.

black dress 41Click on the poster above for more info.  You can see it sums up the project nicely; we wear black dresses on August 8th in memory of Sophia Mirza, who died from severe ME.  I cheated a little and took my photo a couple days ago (before the Hell Cold came on) but it’s an unusual photo for me.  It’s nearly straight-out-of-camera; all I did was adjust the curves a little.  And I took it while I and my “bed nest” look as much like they normally do as possible.   I did not put on makeup, brush my hair, or tidy up in any way.  I simply inserted myself into my usual surroundings with a black dress on instead of PJs.  I felt strongly that it should reflect actual daily life for me, which is also the daily life of countless others with moderate ME.

So enjoy, pass it around and if you feel so inclined, take your own photos of you in a black dress!


Little Black Dress - a nearly SOOC self poirtrait

Little Black Dress – a nearly SOOC self poirtrait

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