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I’ve been pretty quiet online (for me) recently, but only because I’ve been VERY hard at work at some really cool, exciting things!¬† Hopefully I’ll be able to show you the fruits of my labor soon ūüôā

In the meantime, I wanted to tell you about two fundraisers I’m participating in, which both happen to be this Saturday evening.

One is to benefit a theater group which my neighbor is involved with, Parson’s Nose Productions.¬† In their own words, “Parson’s Nose Theater is a non-profit, 501(c)3 theater company located in Pasadena, CA dedicated to introducing the classics to audiences of all ages. Through condensed adaptations of the works of Shakespeare, Moliere, Shaw, Goldoni, Goldsmith and more, we enrich the lives of the old, young, and in-between by introducing them to the works of some of the greatest writers who’ve ever lived. Our productions are presented in a fun, commedia dell’arte style that makes them both engaging and easy to understand – no sleeping through a two & a half hour Shakespeare production here!”¬† I can testify to the fun and inventive plays they put on!¬† As a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing classic art to the public, they have periodic fundraisers to allow them to keep doing what they do.

This Saturday, they will be hosting their On The Radio Fundraiser, where they will be performing some classic comedy acts from the likes of Abbot and Costello, Jack Benny, Allen’s Alley, and George and Gracie.¬† In addition, there will be a silent auction where you can bid on a gorgeous, museum-quality, completely archival, framed and mated, signed and numbered, 10″x15″ print of my photo Saturn Ascends:

Saturn Ascends

Saturn Ascends

The event will take place in Pasadena, CA at 7:00pm.¬† Their site has all the details and you can RSVP there.¬† It’ll be fun!


If you won’t be in California this Saturday but will be in Arizona instead, you are in luck!¬† Heaven’s Heroes is holding an event with great food and music to benefit Andrew Ashcraft’s family.¬† Andrew is, you’ll remember, the boy I grew up with who died along with the rest of the Granite Mountain Hotshot crew.¬† Andrew left behind a young wife and four very young children, the oldest of whom is merely six, so you can imagine that they could use a lot of financial help, especially as they are currently being denied the full benefits owed them.

Since I created the image To The Lost to honor him and the other Hotshots, it seemed only fitting to donate a print of it to the Heaven’s Heroes event.¬†¬† This print is also gorgeous, museum-quality, fully archival, signed and numbered, coming from a very limited run of only 10 prints in this size, 15″x15″.

To The Lost

To The Lost


The event will take place in Gilbert, AZ starting at 6:30pm.¬† Also, if you have not done so, please take a moment to sign the petition to grant the Hotshot families left behind full benefits.¬† They deserve it; it’s the right thing, and it only takes a few seconds.

Hope to see you all at one of these events!

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You all remember Andrew.  My childhood friend who grew up into the biggest badass.   And as a result of that heroism, he and 18 of his comrades died in the recent fires in Arizona.

Now the city of Prescott is trying to deny paying his family the benefit package promised to them.¬†¬† Because his poor widow doesn’t have enough to deal with after losing her husband and best friend, and is faced with raising their four very¬†young children on her own.¬† No, what she needs is an ugly, drug-out argument with heartless state officials and insurance companies.

I sign a lot of petitions.¬† Really, a LOT.¬† But I very, very rarely mention any of them here.¬† Not this time.¬† Andrew’s father Tom (who I also remember from when I was very young) has started a petition to get Andrew’s family the benefits promised them.¬† That’s only fair.

SO much more should be given to this family.¬† After the loss they suffered… a loss of their main provider, in the line of duty while protecting the state’s land, they absolutely should not have to battle this too.

So please, take a second and sign the petition.

And while you’re at it, get a copy of To The Lost as a print, card or IPhone/Pod/Pad case.¬† 75% of the proceeds go to a fund for the families.

EDIT: As my sweet husband Geoff pointed out, it’s the city of Prescott that refuses to pay Andrew’s widow.¬† The mayor sounds like a peach.¬† To quote the article, he said of Andrew’s widow: “She’s a neat little lady… but money took hold in this situation real fast,” he said. “This is big bucks when it’s all over, big bucks. And money seems to be leading some of the battle over the city’s participation.”

What a swell guy.  An amazing man.  Does he kick puppies in his spare time too?

Cote of Arms - a semi self portrait with Katie Johnson.  I think the love and comfort displayed by the characters in the photo fit well with the aim of the post.

Cote of Arms – a semi self portrait with Katie Johnson. I think the love and comfort displayed by the characters in the photo fit well with the aim of the post.

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