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It’s time for the big announcement!  The big A Poisoned Sleep of Kissless Dream print giveaway!

I put every single entrant’s name into a random name picker (and put it in for as many times as they’d entered, on whatever platform they’d entered on).  Out of nearly 100 entries, the winner is…. Kelli Blackwood!!!!

Kelli really made the most out of all of her entry options by entering on almost every social media platform available and it clearly paid off!  But what’s most important is that SO MANY of you did so much advocating for ME and helped me raise awareness about it.  Thank you deeply to every single person who entered!!

Congratulation, Kelli!  You will be receiving a gorgeous print of A Poisoned Sleep Of Kissless Dreams.  I just got the prints from my printer yesterday and they look stunning.  I know you’ll love it!

And for everyone else, please feel free to stop by my show at the Creative Arts Group Gallery from June 6th – August 5th to see that image along with seven others and many costumes and props that I made for the images!

A Poisoned Sleep And Kissless Dreaming Sarah Allegra - model: Katie Johnson

A Poisoned Sleep And Kissless Dreaming Sarah Allegra – model: Katie Johnson

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Just a quick entry from me as I enjoy my Christmas Eve with my family and loved ones.  I had a couple new features come out in the past few days, and I always try and post about them here as well as my other social media outlets.  It just seems like the polite thing to do when someone goes to the trouble of talking about my work!

Firstly, we have Slovak Art Magazine.  They ran a lovely feature on my work in their latest issue, #13.

SAM Contests smallThere is some really outstanding artwork in the magazine, so it is well worth looking at on its own and not just to see my work 😉

SAM feature bottom smallSecond, I’m really pleased to say that one of my images won a contest sponsored by Good Light! Magazine.  The theme was People and Water, so I thought one of my underwater images from my Glass Walls series with Katie would fit well.  Apparently they thought so too since they chose it as the winning image!

They wrote a feature about the image which was lovely and full of comments which make me want to blush, but I’m going to share it here anyway.

Good Light Magazine Site Top

Good Light Magazine Site small

And as if that weren’t enough nice things they said, there’s also a short video where the judge talks about why he chose the winning images (and he has a lovely accent as well!)

I’ll just say that the title came first, then the image, not the other way around, but it’s easy to see how you could mistake it!

So no… this is not especially Christmasy, but I have not had a moment to put this together until just now!  And while I have thanked the magazines themselves, I think it’s important to promote it online as much as possible.  It’s just good photography manners.

With that all said, I hope all of you who are celebrating Christmas have an absolutely WONDERFUL one tomorrow!  Make sure you get to sleep early so Santa has time to leave you something nice.  And of course, the most important thing of all about Christmas… I hope it is filled with people and animals you love, that you’re able to express your love to them all and they say so to you as well.

Presents are lovely.  Feasts of good food are something we should be very thankful for.  But the heart of the holiday is sharing love with one another.  I hope you give and receive lots of it 🙂

Merry Christmas!!

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